Steinbeis Transfer Institute

Corporate Responsibility Management

Gürtelstraße 29A/30
D-10247 Berlin
  • Management:
  • Dr. Felicitas Mocny


  • Research 
  • Training
  • Advising


Master of Arts: Biennial vocationally integrated Project Competence Concept (PKS) with the degree Master of Arts (M.A.).

Area: Responsible Management
Major Subject:

  • General Responsible Management

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Key Areas

  • Integrative Management Systems:
  • Integrative Corporate Ethics Management System
  • Integrative CSR Management System
  • Systemic Management
  • Management Knowledge:
  • Philosophica and Ethics Knowledge
  • Leadership Knowledge
  • Specific Management Systems:
  • Ethical Compliance Management System
  • Risk Management System
  • Crisis and Issues Management System
  • Ethical Behaviour Management System
  • Corporate Communication Management System
  • Sustainable Competitive Management System
  • Environment Management Systems
  • Implementing Strategies:                              
  • Applied Ethics
  • Institutionelle Ethik Maßnahmen
  • Implementing International Principles
  • Best Practice Tools, Methods and Structures
  • CSR Models     

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