Steinbeis Transfer Institute

International Institute for Medical Clowning

Gürtelstraße 29A/30
D-10247 Berlin
44B Chrystalwood Lane, Governors Bay, RD1
NZ-8971 Christchurch - Lyttelton
  • Management:
  • Professor h.c. Dr. Thomas Petschner, Ph.D.


  • Level 1 Certified course:  Certified Medical Clown
  • Level 2 Certified course:  Certified Instructor & Medical Clown
  • Level 3 B.A. degree:   Medical Clown B.A.  

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Key Areas

  • This program is created for specialised artists known as “clown doctors”, “hospital clowns” or “care clowns” - mostly people who have already studied a different kind of clowning, performing arts, acting or ideally still working in a similar profession in hospitals and family entertainment.
  • Our main task is to extend their artistic knowledge and experience to gain a deeper understanding for the physical, emotional and psychological state of people in pain and in need.
  • This programme is also a vehicle to improve the relationship between medical staff and artists, as well as to raise awareness /change the image of professional clowns within the health industy.
  • The curriculum for medical clowning is based on consolidated requirements from numerous international organizations, institutions and experianced trainers in order to set a common ground for quality standards in clown education.
  • This program will possibly create a globally recognized occupation 'medical clown' which will gain a significant level of credibility for this important professional work. In some countries this status could bring much more social security such is a health insurance or retirement.

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