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Successful enterprises adopt an active approach toward the challenges of growth, globalization, competitiveness and securing long-term business by focusing on innovation as a key success factor. To succeed, they need employees with the skills to carry out their work professionally and a strong sense of commitment. They also need specialists and managers with the right blend of experience and qualifications to shape their own career and develop their existing skills, ideally through a master’s degree dovetailed with professional experience. The School of International Business and Entrepreneurship (SIBE) offers a variety of master’s degrees that empower employees working for innovative, forward-looking companies to pinpoint and exploit growth and globalization opportunities in domestic markets and abroad. Core to the SIBE philosophy is a focus on successful know-how transfer and the systematic development of business competence at the interface between business on the one hand, and science and academia on the other. The school’s key areas of activity center around companies, organizations and public authorities, and talented “high potentials” who are not only equipped with the right skills, but also possess a global awareness and entrepreneurial drive to make things happen. Its degree courses are based on “open enrollment” principles and closed corporate programs. A particular emphasis is also placed on providing students with qualifications on par with international standards, in cooperation with leading universities outside Germany.

One of SIBE’s most unique features is its SAPHIR Institute. SAPHIR’s core competences are the recruitment, selection and provision of talented young academics – “high potentials” – as well as services related to the management of staff skills. SAPHIR helps companies select up-and-coming managers from a broad-based yet select pool of candidates. Our services also allow businesses to recommend existing members of staff for master’s degree programs as part of their HR strategy. Consequently, SIBE’s key research areas rotate around business growth, globalization, entrepreneurship and skills management.

The Master of Business Administration degree and the Master of Arts program provide students from a variety of backgrounds with a solid grounding in and comprehensive introduction to the key instruments of business administration and latest management methods. The Master of Arts program, which specializes in general management, prepares future leaders and up-and-coming specialists for management. As such, it is the ideal first step on the career ladder for young professionals who may already have a first academic degree but lack professional experience. The program prepares graduates with at least two years’ experience (after their first degree) for future interdepartmental management roles by the MBA degree, which also allows them to step straight into management positions with broader areas of responsibility.

The Master of Science program specialized in international management is particularly well suited to young students with a previous university qualification in the field of business. The students work on projects on behalf of companies with an international outlook or plans to expand abroad. Each project focuses on seizing market opportunities. The Master of Science degree specialized in innovation and technology is targeted at graduates (primarily from an engineering, scientific or technical background) who wish to retrain as all-rounders working on the management of innovations and change. It is also ideal for students who are keen to contribute to the future success of the company sponsoring their degree by developing and implementing new ideas.

University graduates from outside Germany can fine-tune their skills through SIBE by supporting German companies’ efforts to enter international markets and expand their foreign business. The School of International Business and Entrepreneurship works with foreign partners on a variety of international programs in cities such as Beijing and Shanghai in China, Pune in India, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, as well as San Diego in the US. Students of the master’s programs outlined above visit the universities and business partners in these cities as part of their required overseas modules.


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