The Project Competence Concept

The SHB believes strongly in a concept we call the Project Competence Degree (German: PKS). The key priority throughout: a constant focus on business needs, underpinned by a solid grounding in academic and scientific theory. This is already reflected in admission requirements for all of our degrees and training programs. Why? Because professional work has to be top of the agenda. During their studies, participants work on live projects at the company that is sponsoring their place on the program. Their project is subsequently implemented within the business. In terms of curriculum and organization, this innovative concept goes way beyond conventional degrees: The projects are designed to facilitate integrated transfer, whereby the students gain new skills as a part of their studies and apply their new knowledge in everyday business by supplying well thoughtthrough, pertinent and theoretically sound solutions to business problems. At the same time, the projects allow the students to specialize in specific areas during their degree. This ties into and promotes the individual goals and motivations of the student throughout their entire degree program.

For the duration of their time enrolled on the Steinbeis program, each student works on a project at the sponsoring company. Seminars provide students with the corresponding knowledge of methods and a theoretical grounding. In taking this approach, the degrees give students an academically sound, practice and results-oriented foundation. Apart from linking directly to vocational requirements, this opens up new avenues to innovation, competitive advantage and improved profitability.

The Steinbeis University education portfolio ranges from certified training to bachelor and masters degrees leading to State-approved qualifications. After successful completion of their degree, students who excelled on the program with a strong academic ability also have the opportunity to study for a PhD at the Steinbeis University, also along the lines of the Project Competence Concept.

By providing employees with the opportunity to study for a degree in parallel to their work, companies foster and fine-tune their staff’s skills without losing out on their input during studies. Simultaneously, companies faced with a specific challenge within the business have access to students currently working outside the company: At Steinbeis we have access to a rich pool of applicants from Germany and other countries, enabling us to identify an experienced candidate ideally suited to the company’s needs. As a first step, the student only works at the company for the duration of their studies. This concept has proven extremely successful in practice for developing human resources. In fact most students are kept on by the company even after completion of the Project Competence Program.

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